Can I Sell A Kidney?

Can I Sell A Kidney?

 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Organ Trafficking

can I sell my kidney?Can I Sell A Kidney? Organ trafficking, particularly trying to sell kidneys, is a worldwide issue. It affects not only countries with low-income economies but even first world countries. Most of the time, money is what lures people to sell their organs. Aside from this, abduction and body snatching are also common practices in the black market.

In case you are enticed to put one of your organs for sale, then it’s a must that you read the following list.

Selling your kidney is illegal.

Initially, there’s the National Organ Transplant Act, a structured policy that can place any individual who engages in buying or selling organs in prison for up to five years, with the option to pay a certain amount of money as fine. However, although there are laws that prohibit organ trafficking, the lack of strong political will and strict implementation in several countries are allowing more and more people to fall prey to the act. The money involved is also what makes the business enticing for both sellers and dealers.

If you needed a kidney transplant would you opt to purchase a kidney on the open, albeit Black Market?

It isn’t safe.

When you buy an organ from the black market, it bypasses several procedures that are meant to help keep both donors and recipients safe. Proper screening of the donor’s existing medical conditions and gathering of data on his health years after surgery are often missed out. The criteria for donation eligibility are often neglected as well. Because there isn’t enough information about the kidney and the donor, recipients are put at risk for several complications. Donors, since they aren’t given the right post assessment and tracking post surgery, also become at risk of developing health problems.

It will not make you as financially secure as you think.

A kidney can be worth around $70,000 to $80,000. If a black trader gets to buy your organ, there’s a good chance that the amount will be lowered to $5,000 to $6,000. The difference in the amount is what makes organ trafficking continue to boom.

However, although $6,000 means a lot of money, it isn’t a complete guarantee that you’ll be financially secure in the long run. As giving up your organ without proper health care can predispose you to several complications, there’s a high probability that you’ll also have to spend the money to support your healthcare needs. You might even end up pulling out more money from your own pocket to support you and your family’s needs in case you got sick.

Making the decision to sell one of your organs is a difficult choice, but it is done every day. However, because the expected risks far outweigh the benefits you can receive, it’s essential that you think about your safety first before making the deal. Although you have two kidneys, you must also remember that you only have one life.

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Organ Trafficking