Kidney Infection Dangers

Kidney Infection Dangers

Kidney Infection Dangers5 Ways You Can Prevent Recurrent Kidney Infections

Kidney Infection Dangers can be prevented if you know what to watch for!

Recurrent kidney infections are never fun. In fact, with its pain and inconvenient symptoms, the condition can prevent you from living your life to the best. Aside from its effect on your work, it can also limit you from doing the things you enjoy.

If you’re struggling to find a way to end these infections, then the following list can sure help you and they may prevent kidney failure.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Depending on the weather and your activity, make sure to drink enough fluid each day. In general, it’s recommended that you consume 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. You can substitute the water for fresh fruit juices, such as cranberry juice. Coffee and carbonated drinks, however, aren’t considered good replacements for water.

Practice proper hygiene.

Women are more predisposed to kidney infections than men because of their anatomy. The shorter urethra and its proximity to the anal area increase the chances of bacterial transfer. To address this, make it a habit to wipe your perineal area from front to back. You should also avoid using chemical-based feminine washes. Skip tight fitting underwear and choose ones made up of cotton instead.

Manage constipation.

When you have difficulty with your bowel movement, you’re actually at an increased risk for developing infections of the renal tract. The impacted stool can make it hard for your bladder to fully empty itself. Once your urine becomes stagnant, there’s a good chance for it to harbor bacteria.

In addressing constipation, however, it’s essential that you take caution when using laxatives. Because it can cause diarrhea, make sure that the loose stool don’t contaminate your urethra.

Be mindful of your contraceptive of choice.

Lubricated condoms without spermicides are your best choice when it comes to preventing infections. Condoms with lubrication don’t cause as much irritation to the urethra as the unlubricated ones. Spermicides, on the other hand, are popularly known to foster bacterial growth. Aside from contraception, it’s also recommended that you wash your perianal area after engaging in a sexual activity.

Adhere to proper medical treatment.

Antibiotics for kidney infection are usually advised to be taken three times a day for seven days. To prevent recurrence, it’s important that you strictly adhere to the frequency and length of treatment to avoid developing resistance.

Because most patients feel an improvement on the third or fourth day, they tend to stop taking the antibiotics because they think they’re well enough. A few of them halt treatment in fear of the antibiotics causing more harm to their bodies. In reality, however, stopping treatment only makes the infection harder to treat in the long run. Once you experience another bout of a kidney infection, it won’t be as responsive to the medications as the last one.