Kidney Transplant Waiting List

Kidney Transplant

Waiting List

Live Kidney DonationThe kidney transplant waiting list is growing longer each day. In 2014, 4200 kidney patient died as the Kidney Transplant Waiting List grew and grew.  How long is the list you ask? As of April 2015, the list is 101,662 and 3000 people are added to this list every month.

What are we going to do? Sure, these are numbers from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), but we also have to remember that each number represents an individual. These people are members of our community, our churches and yes, our family and friends.  A kidney transplant is the only option for most of these patients, but waiting on a list that never takes you to the top is not the answer.

What is the answer?

We are promoting Live Kidney Donations as a solution to this growing epidemic.  Because of the shortage of available kidneys for transplant, patients must rely on a deceased donor. The problem, besides the wait, is there are not enough suitable deceased donor kidneys to go around. Kidney failure is growing among the population at almost 2% per year. And the list grows longer.

What about Dialysis as a solution?

You may inquire about dialysis and you would be correct if you think dialysis is keeping these individuals alive, however, dialysis is not a solution. It is a temporary fix; an alternative way to filter the blood in order to stay alive. 100,000 new patients diagnosed with kidney failure begin dialysis every year. As a patient continues this treatment, their chances of survival decrease as one in three will live over a five-year term.