I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease just after I turned 35. I am now 44. As the disease progressed, I could no longer take care of my 2 daughters, and I had to make the difficult decision that they would be better taken care of by my ex-husband. Luckily, he and I are friends and work together to raise our girls. My daughters, Andrea and Katie, are my world. I fight for them, and I am asking that you consider donating a kidney to save my life.
I am on dialysis three times a week; I had both of my kidneys removed due to extreme pain. I used to be full of life and active – my girls and I used to bike ride, horse ride, camp, and think up practical jokes! Now, I cannot do the things I used to do, and simply going to the store is a chore. It has been hard on my daughters to see their mom deteriorate and know that they cannot stop it, nor help with my pain. I have become frail and am in dire need of a kidney transplant. I am on the transplant list, but because of rare antibodies (due to operations and child birth), I am very difficult to match.

Please help. You may be the one to save my life, and allow me to see my daughters graduate from High School ,to attend their weddings, and hold my grandbabies.
Kind Regards,
Suanne Tongier

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Blood Type: A+

Location: Salina, Kansas

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