I am 44 years old and a single mom of 3 children ages 21,19 and 11. I was first diagnosed with kidney disease when I was 14 years old. My mother donated a kidney to me a year later. I was truly blessed that the kidney lasted 21 years. I was able to finish high school and college, get married and have 3 kids while my transplanted kidney worked beautifully the whole time. Unfortunately, I lost the kidney when my immune system surged during an episode of bronchitis. Thankfully, my brother stepped up and donated his kidney to me in 2008. However, I started having problems after only 2 years and lost the kidney to a sudden episode of rejection. I spent almost a year on peritoneal dialysis, but had to switch to hemo-dialysis after it was discovered that I had small holes in my diaphragm allowing the dialysis solution to leak into my lung cavity. I have been on dialysis and active on the transplant list for 4 1/2 years. I am considered highly sensitized because my antibody level is very high, meaning only a small percentage of the population will be a match for me. So I am starting a treatment soon that will hopefully bring my antibody level down making my chances of finding and keeping a successful transplant. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my lifetime that has turned me into a fighter and survivor, but I am not done living yet! I don't fare well on dialysis; it causes me to feel weak and have little energy. My youngest son does not remember me being healthy so for as long as he can remember, I have been sick and on dialysis. It has taken a huge emotional toll on him, causing anxiety and separation attachment issues. I need another transplant so that I can be an active part of my son's life again. I want to see my older kids graduate college and thrive in their lives. I want to be able to see and care for my future grandchildren. We were told that due to being diagnosed with ESRD at such a young age that it would be necessary I have multiple transplants in order to extend my life expectancy. I prayed that my 2nd transplant would've seen me well into the later years of my life; if not for the rest of my life, but that wasn't meant to be. I'm just asking for one more chance to live my life healthy and strong and not tied to a machine that, while is allowing me to be alive, shortens my life expectancy the longer I'm on it. My children need me in their lives and I desperately want to give them exactly that; a healthy, active mother instead of this sick, weak person I've become. I can accept a kidney from blood types O or A. My transplant center is at the Indiana University Health Transplant Center in Indianapolis, IN. Please ask to speak to a Living Donation Coordinator for more info on how to test to become my donor. Please help save my life through living donation or paired exchange donation.

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Blood Type: O-

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

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