I am 61 years old. I consider myself pretty healthy and did annual check-up. In 2007, I found out I lost 70% of my kidney function within a year. I was near Kidney Failure so I went to see a kidney doctor and was under his care until 2010, when I went to emergency room due to trouble breathing. I ended up staying in the hospital to do dialysis, and continued to do that since then. I do dialysis three times a week after work for 3 1/2 hours for each treatment. I was in the active transplant list since 2011, but still waiting for the kidney today. I was working full time all these times and tried to take care of myself with the help from my wife. I am a Civil Engineer and doing design to improve the environments for our communities for last 32 years, and I am still busy working on multiple projects. Unfortunately, my wife of 31 years passed away this May due to acute asthma. I was not able to save her due to the fact that I just came home from dialysis and was 30 minutes late. Now I am all alone with my son who was 6 weeks premature, and still trying to develop mentally at the age of 21. Now I have to take care of everything myself. I do feel a bit weaker lately, and I just try to hang on as long as I can. Kidney failure is my only health issue, other than that, I am pretty healthy. I do not smoke or drink so I can maintain my health as good as I can, but I know I will continue to get worse as time goes unless I can get a good kidney. I have not given up hope but I know my time is running shorter and shorter everyday. I used to volunteer for multiple organizations before I had the kidney failure, and I really like to have a chance to volunteer again.

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Blood Type: O+

Location: Houston, Texas

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