I am Virginia Belken. I am 65 years of age and am a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. My kidneys began to fail about 20 years ago and I eventually ended up on dialysis. In turn, my health was deteriorating. A few years later, my daughter in law, Delia, was sent from heaven to embrace my family and ultimately gave me a kidney. This was a blessing for 16 years until my donated kidney failed and I had to return to dialysis. I am a great believer in God and I trust He will bless me with a donated kidney from one of his children. If I were to be blessed with a donated kidney and another chance at life I would be so appreciative and would take care of myself to maximize the life of my kidney. This would give me an opportunity to see my family grow and to spend quality time with them. I have a great appreciation for life and a desire to revisit the things I love such as: family, the outdoors, classic cars, dancing, music, dining and traveling. I pray that you will see it in your heart to consider donating life to me. Thank you.

Personal Information

Blood Type: B+

Location: Riverside, California

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