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the advantages of a live kidney donation

Advantages of Live Kidney Donation

Advantages of Live Kidney Donation

Have You Heard Of These?

the advantages of a live kidney donationDo you know about the advantages of a live kidney donation? Because of the increasing number of kidney transplant patients waiting for the right match, organs from deceased donors are no longer able to keep up. This is exactly the reason why live kidney donation is often preferred and encouraged in several health institutions.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the most common advantages of live kidney donation:

  • The surgery is planned. It gives an ample amount of time for both donors and recipients to prepare themselves, mentally, physically and emotionally. Planned surgery allows the procedure to be carried out once both donor and recipient are in good shape.
  • Recipients no longer have to risk their chances with waiting for the right match. They no longer have to sign their name in the long waiting list for transplant.
  • It limits the time the recipient needs to undergo dialysis. Other patients were able to entirely avoid getting hooked to a machine to filter their blood.
  • The time required to transplant the organ from the live donor to the recipient is shorter compared with the time it takes to transplant a kidney from a deceased donor to the recipient. This decrease in time helps make sure that the organ’s health won’t be compromised as it usually works right away.
  • Organs that are taken out of a deceased donor usually take time before they function. For recipients of kidneys from non-living donors, they may be required to undergo dialysis while waiting for their new organ to work.
  • Kidneys from living donors are generally considered healthier than those that come from deceased donors.
  • Because sufficient tests and assessment procedures have been carried out prior to surgery, kidneys transplanted through live kidney donation are typically safer. They also last longer.
  • The idea that a kidney comes from someone who is alive provides psychological benefits to the recipient.
  • For the donor, donating one of his kidneys, gives him a positive psychological experience in that he was able to save someone’s life.
  • Live kidney donation typically involves related individuals. Because the recipient and donor are related, there’s lesser chance of organ rejection.

While getting a kidney through live organ donation entails a lot of benefits, it isn’t a complete guarantee that the transplant will readily be a success. The truth is that it still comes with a lot of risks, including possible rejection, surgical complications or even remission of the recipient’s original medical condition.

These factors, however, shouldn’t discourage you from doing the act. Live kidney donation helps save lives and as of January of 2016, there are at least 121, 678 people who are waiting for the right match.

Learn about the advantages of a live kidney donation.

Live Kidney Donation

Live Kidney Donation

Live Kidney Donation

Live-Kidney-DonationWhen considering live kidney donation, it takes more that your generosity to fill in the necessary qualifications.

The first thing to consider when donating a live organ is health. Different countries also consider age in order to donate an organ, but there are also some, which require court approval for those under 18 and those over 65.

A healthy lifestyle should be thought through as well when you are about to do a live kidney donation. Before the operation, it is important to cleanse the kidneys from potential harm before it is transferred to another person’s body. A thorough test of the prospect donor should be done before a live kidney donation is initiated. It is important to make sure that the contributor does not harbor harmful or critical diseases.

During the process of identifying your suitability in becoming a live kidney donor, you have to undergo specific medical procedures. This would include regular check ups to health clinics and hospitals that would lead medical practitioners to identify the beneficiary of your live organ. These tests will also conclude the functions that your kidney will hold in another person’s life in the future.

There have been multiple questions on the effects of a live kidney donation after the operations such as having a small percentage of living a longer life. Although there have been some cases wherein complications arise for the donor but not as often. Rumors also say that after the operation the donor experiences health complications, this possibility is extremely low. Having one kidney does not mean having to change your lifestyle completely; it will only involve keeping a healthier take on your routine. Regular visits to the doctor will also be advised.

The recipient of the live kidney donation will feel healthier and of course live longer. A live donation is the best because it is deemed to adapt more to the new urinary system it is transferred to.

The recovery process after a live kidney donation will take up to 3 months although there are some who can take on the everyday challenges on earlier days. After the transplant, both the recipient and donor shall be living their normal separate lives as expected. There are no strict policies for both parties to follow but there are guidelines to be met. After the recovery weeks, both are expected to keep track of their annual visits to their transplant surgeons or family physicians.

If you are thinking about kidney organ allocation or having a live kidney donation then visit your doctor today, you might be saving one more life in the process.

Kidney Donor Requirements

Requirements of becoming live kidney donors

Requirements of becoming live kidney donors

Kidney Donor RequirementsHave you thought about Kidney Donation should you get to transplant? When you are searching for matching donors from whom a kidney can be taken for transplant, it is necessary to assess their mental and physical attributes and see if the transplant can be done with their kidney. Before proceeding with organ procurement there are many factors to be considered for a smooth and hassle free transplantation. The success of the transplant itself is dependent on the qualifications of the donor and his kidney functions must be ascertained for determining if the health and other factors are good so that the organ donation can be accepted.

You have to see if the person who has accepted your proposal for organ procurement has met all the kidney donor requirements. In the unfortunate event of failure of both your kidneys your doctor has suggested kidney transplantation as a better option for you. Now you have to see from where the kidney that is giving another chance to live is coming from. You can find matching donors among your parents, children, husband, wife, friends, co- workers or even from a total stranger and these are all qualified to be live kidney donors if they are at least 18 years old.

The person who has consented for organ procurement must have good physical and mental health and must be in high degree of fitness. It is very important that the kidney functions well and the person from whom you want to get the transplant must be free from health conditions like diabetes, cancer, HIV, high blood pressure or any of the kidney specific diseases.

Apart from the above the person who wants to donate must be willing to donate as their willingness must be voluntary and free from any form of compulsion. He should be well informed of the risks, benefits and outcome of the surgical procedures and the other issues involved in the donation. The donor must have full support and willingness of his family and loved ones so that no family or other issues crop up either before or after the transplant.

The person whom you have accepted for kidney organ procurement must have no substance abuse problems or addicted to alcohol and is of sound mind with no psychiatric problems. The matching donors must be willing to undergo all the series of tests to assess their medical and psychological health. After the standard set of tests and based on their results some other special tests may be needed and for this also the living donor must be willing to undergo and must understand that these are necessary to find out his kidney functions are completely alright and is good fit for transplantation.

Many countries around world have strict laws and regulations that concern the way the matching donors must be selected and the requirements they have to fulfil before they are declared good for organ procurement. The living donors program must be undertaken under these regulations and both the donor and person accepting his kidney must be well aware of the rights and obligations of the procedure and must abide by them so that no complication arises in future after the transplant is completed.

So, adhere to the kidney donor requirements and plan the entire processes required for the successful kidney transplant in a smooth way. With the help and dedication of your medical team and with the utmost cooperation from your matching donors you can expect to open the second chapter of your life with confidence, peace of mind and higher level of health in an easy way.