Dad is Cooking Kidney Friendly Food

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Dad is Cooking Kidney Friendly Food

Kidney DietKidney Friendly Food is hard to find and always requires in home cooking. I started my journey online and the greatest reference for kidney-friendly recipes is at the DaVita website. They do a great job of laying out sensible, easy to read recipes and provide plenty of nutritional information to go with them.

The problem with the recipes, I soon discovered, is that one kidney recipe may be all right for some people, but the range of kidney failure is so wide that a recipe almost has to be specific to the individual. Some patients are going to be all right eating whole grains once per week, while others should avoid brown rice at all costs. Dad is cooking kidney friendly food sometimes did not seem like such a great idea!

Most patients see a doctor once per month and have blood drawn to measure key indicators such as potassium, phosphorus and creatinine levels. The tests do not lie and if a kidney patient is eating junk food all month, the results will be in
plain sight. The same holds true for those who adhere to this strict regiment with the thought of wellness.

My son, Michael, needed protein, so my very first kidney friendly food meals centered around providing protein with no added sodium. Mrs. Dash only took us so far and left a flavorless taste, so instead of shopping major markets, I searched the natural grocery stores for salt free seasonings and went to the nursery in need of some herbs to add to the family garden.

Trader Joe’s was a great resource for salt-free seasoning as well as Sprouts Groceries. For protein, there was a huge debate with Loma Linda about plant-based protein vs. animal based protein. Of course, Loma Linda, being of the vegan mindset, encouraged a diet rich in beans, legumes. My research and discussions with dietitians though directed me in another direction.

Protein is vital to strength and I was looking ahead three months to a transplant and as Michael shed pounds and muscle each day, there was great concern that he may not be strong enough to endure the rigorous surgery if he did not keep his body strong.

Every patient is different and according to labs a kidney patient will alter this course of consumption and kidney friendly food.