Love Your Kidneys

Love Your Kidneys

Love Your KidneysHow can you not absolutely love your kidneys? The healthy kidneys we carry around are a little less than five inches long and just about two inches in width. Inside are these tiny, one cell filters that have the most intricate anatomy  structure you would ever believe. These miniature filters, called glomeruli, help the kidneys do their job in keeping us healthy.

Over three hundred pints of blood flow through the kidneys on a daily basis. As the heart pumps, the kidneys clean. It’s a good deal for everybody and I find it incredible that such small organs can be so helpful.

Our kidneys also adjust our blood pressure by producing a hormone called renin, which helps the body to absorb or discard sodium. If the body needs more of this mineral, the kidneys know and if we have too much in our body, the excess goes into the urine bank.

If this were not enough, the kidneys also separate waste and excess fluids from the blood. These wonderful little guys also take on the job of regulating potassium and phosphorus and these miraculous organs work all day, every day.

How could you not love your kidneys? I don’t think our kidneys expect too much from us. After all, they signed up for the job of helping to keep us healthy, but what are we doing to show our love? How can we be more grateful for what affords us a very happy existence?

Showing this love would involve eating food that is healthy. That’s it-not too much to ask for, right? Skip the food court and drive right past that taco stand. Too much sodium will make your blood pressure go higher, which will make those kidneys very unhappy. If you worked 24/7, wouldn’t you want a break now and then? If not a full sit down, how about an easier job to do?

Remember those tiny filters-the glomerli guys? If each kidney has one million of those filters, they must be so thin and so fragile because you have to remember that the entire organ is less than five inches in length. How much damage can a one cell take? When you start to damage these filters, you may one day run out of filtering capacity.

Actually, the number one cause of kidney disease is high blood pressure. This is right there with diabetes, which is normally diet related.

Nobody loves a cheeseburger more than I do, but my advise is this: if you want to eat this type of food, prepare it yourself. Purchase ingredients that are low in sodium and fat and take the time to treat yourself to something good and much better for you than the fast food you can buy on the street. Love your kidneys because they sure love you!