Pregnancy and Renal Failure

Pregnancy and Renal Failure

Pregnancy and Renal failure are conditions not normally associated with each other. The reason is that the other condition cannot be normal if one irregularity is present. In simpler words, pregnancy cannot be normal if there is kidney or renal failure in a woman’s body.


A woman who has renal failure may least likely conceive a child. This is greatly related to a number of hormones and blood that is produced by the kidney which is hormonal imbalance halting the ovulation of a fertile reproductive system. If a woman has kidney malfunctions then it could not properly circulate the necessary amount of nutrients the body needs to be fit for childbearing. The chance of pregnancy is slim if a woman has renal failure but if a possibility may pave way for her to become pregnant then both the unborn and the mother will be put at risk.

At times, especially for older women who become pregnant, hypertension occur and if this is not controlled it will lead to renal failure. This will happen since hypertension is the abnormal state of high blood pressure or a state of psychological stress it will directly affect the production of red blood cells in the kidney thus leading to renal complications.

Another factor of renal failure occurrence during pregnancy is when the mother has HELP syndrome. This is a group of indicators in a pregnant woman wherein she has the breakdown of red blood cells, elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count, thus the abbreviation.

There have been cases wherein a pregnant woman has developed renal failure due to the irregularities and changes that the body is experiencing. If a pregnant woman is not careful with her diet as advised by her physician there will be problems during the pregnancy. Irregularities and extreme urination during pregnancy may seem normal and is not a cause for alarm but must constantly be monitored by both mother and physician.


The lack of blood supply may cause the baby to become hypoxic. Hypoxia is the state wherein the body or part of the body has limited oxygen supply. Once a hypoxic baby is born it will need intensive care and will need oxygen supply through machines.

If a woman wants to produce a child of her own then she must be able to practice proper diet and nutrition with the help of her other half and her trusted OB/GYN.