Signs of Kidney Failure and Symptoms of Kidney Infection

Signs of Kidney Failure and Symptoms of Kidney Infection

Signs of Kidney FailureOften people never have symptoms or signs of kidney failure. In the case of my son, Michael, he was sky-diving the week before he was diagnosed with kidney failure. Sky-Diving!

When quizzed about his general health and how he was feeling, he responded that except for feeling tired and a little itchy, he thought he was all right-healthwise. This is a pretty common response from many patients about ready to change the course of their life forever. Most of the signs of kidney failure and Kidney Infection Symptoms are very subtle. In Michael’s case, his creatinine when he was diagnosed was at 20. Normal levels for healthy people are at .08-1.1.

Kidneys are a good set of organs to have, so it turns out. They are the organs that help filter waste products from the blood, regulate various hormones and blood pressure and manage phosphorus and potassium. If you suspect that you are having issues with your kidneys, you should seek immediate medical care. Below are a few conditions that may alert you to Chronic Kidney Disease.

Signs of kidney failure are due to the build-up of waste products in the body are given below:

  1. Weight loss and poor appetite
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Swollen ankles, feet or hands
  4. blood or protein in your urine
  5. Increased need to urinate, particularly at night
  6. itchy skin  and muscle cramps
  7. High blood pressure
  8. Erectile dysfunction in men