Who Donates A Kidney?

Who Donates A Kidney?

Mike Machado & Kellen MartinezSo, Who Donates A Kidney?

A recent study by Georgetown University Neuroscientists revealed some interesting facts regarding the results of a brain scan they recently performed regarding kidney donors. According to Abigail Marsh, Georgetown University psychologist, “Our study suggests that there are many more people out there who might be interested in donating to a stranger than who actually donate.”

According to the results of brain scans on 39 kidney donors, altruists have larger brains than the rest of us. This difference is measured by increased size of about 9%, but it was the remarkable difference in the right side of the amygdala-the area of the brain that processes emotions like fear and distress. According to Marsh, “They are at the high end for emotional sensitivity, which is actually encouraging.”

This may dovetail with the theory that humans have the ability to care for one another and this can be measured seeing altruism and psychosis on opposite ends of this spectrum. The scientists have found no relation among altruist individuals such as income, education, gender or sexual orientation.

This study was published in the Journal: Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences

Who Donates A Kidney?

We have our own study, the type where we gather information around the dinner table and at the family gatherings, where more and more kidney patients and donors are showing up. We see donors as just regular people.

I won’t begin to name them out of respect for their privacy, but you will see many on video and in text on this website. They are people who care for others. They do not pursue tangible goods, for the most part and they are kind people. They have this world view about life in general and not one of them talks about changing the world. They seem to have a personal conviction about kidney donation too, as if nothing can or will stand in their way.

Who donates a kidney? I am proud to know many of these people. They have enriched my life tremendously and what they have taught me, simply by being authentic, fills me with hope and reminds me not to take myself too seriously. I am a fortunate man.