Chronic Kidney Disease and Symptoms of Kidney Infection

Chronic Kidney Disease and Symptoms of Kidney Infection

The Charles and Jennie Machado FoundationThe Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation is helping people affected by chronic kidney disease.

Recent studies have shown that More than 26 million American adults have chronic kidney disease or or Symptoms of Kidney Infection, and this statistics increases yearly. This serves to isolate us from the personal stories and heartache that this silent disease brings. Many people have asked why we are doing this? Sure, our own son, Michael Machado, entered ESRK, end-stage renal disease, but he was fortunate to have three matching donors. So why continue an effort when this family is intact?

We at The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation help to put a smile on the faces of those who are victims of kidney diseases, especially those in the end stage of renal disease because that is our mission and the thing that bothers us most is the look on a kidney patients faces as they sit in a chair, blood pulled from their body, artificially cleaned, and returned. Each one of these people has the same vacant stare-glassy eyes, hopelessness and despair enveloping them.

Many have given up on life itself and the joy of being with their loved ones. These people are members of our family, our community. They are uncles and aunts, cousins, brothers and also children. Our job is to educate these people, so that they become familiar with the aspects of Doctor’s & Kidney Failure and how much of our normal day to day activities that we take for granted when it comes to eating and drinking.

We created Charles And Jennie Machado Foundation to help pass along the words of hope and faith to those with this disease and also to ask for the help of good samaritans who will be willing to help through online donation for the purpose of organ procurement and online donations.