was started by The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation, a 501 c(3) organization. It is a site where people with Kidney Disease may post their video to You Tube. This video contains your story, which is linked to for a very small fee. This is NOT renewed annually.  We do not automatically renew your annual fee. You must apply each year.

As a kidney patient, there are very few opportunities to share your story and none (as of this writing) offering the opportunity to do so by video. You are allowed one video, but you may change it one time if you wish at no extra charge. You are also allowed a text version in order to tell your story and along with the video it will be viewed by the public.

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to allow The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation to make your information public.

Remember it is against the law to offer any consideration for an organ. It is a felony and all sites matching organ donors are carefully watched.

What is Public and what is Private?

(for kidney patients) First Name, Profile Picture, Video, City+State, About Me Section, 

(for all others) First Name, Profile Picture, City+State


Email Information

We never share your email information with anybody.

How does it work?
After you post your profile, it becomes public to search engines and the internet for everybody to see.

Who gets to see a profile?
Everybody must sign up on our website to participate in viewing or posting videos and profiles. The first 45 seconds are free to watch, but log in is required after that. Only kidney patients are allowed to post a video or a profile.

How do people contact a kidney patient?
When someone views your profile or video three times, an automatic email is sent to you alerting you that somebody is interested in your profile. It is up to you to contact that person by clicking on a link we provide. Nobody will give out your email information except you.

What should I be careful of?
You should look at the person’s profile and see if you resonate with them. Not everybody who is interested in your video is going to offer to be a donor. In fact, many people will be moved if your story is true and honest and human compassion is a driving force with people. Most people will simply want to connect with you.

Don’t share personal information with strangers. Like with social sites, you will make new friends, but do so slowly and make sure the relationship will be a good fit for you.

Don’t send any money to anybody you meet online. You will run into people who are dishonest, but you will also make some wonderful friendships.

Don’t share any personal info like a social security number, an address or even a telephone with strangers.

Make sure to follow these guidelines at all times when meeting new people online.

Keep in mind that the Internet is worldwide and although Live Kidney tries to match people in the USA, you may very well encounter people from around the world.

Remember that you are in control. Nobody will initiate communication with an interested party except for the individual who posted a video about their kidney story.

Report any suspicious activity or behavior to us immediately.