Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease main roleWhen talking about kidney disease, let us first dissect the most important organ that is involved: the kidney.

The kidneys are the 2 bean-shaped organs of the body that are part of the urinary system. This system is also composed of the bladder, ureters and urethra. These are all located at the upper abdominal cavity. The main function of the urinary system is to remove unwanted waste from the body and balance necessary fluids.

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Main Role:

The main role of the kidneys is to flush out waste and surplus liquid that is accumulated in the body and maintain adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. Other uses of the kidneys involves removing harmful drugs from the body, balance fluids, release hormones for blood pressure, normalize red blood cell production and produce vitamin D. In summary, the kidney maintains the liquid flow of the human body every single day.

Research shows that kidney disease happens when the nephrons in the kidney are damaged. Nephrons are filtering units inside the kidney that regulate distribution of water, salt and absorb important nutrients in the body. The rest of the liquid waste is released from the body through the form of urine.

Kidney Disease-Basic Signs and Symptoms:

There are certain signs to watch out for when the doubt of having kidney disease. An example would be high blood pressure in which blood is fiercely pushed against the arteries which will cause health complications. Another possible sign is having blood in the urine. This can be an indication that your body is losing amounts of protein. Constant urinary tract infection incidents can also be a hint of if kidney disease. Unstable urination which is painful can also be associated.

Treatment For Kidney Disease

There are two treatment options for patients with kidney disease. The first can be dialysis. This is the artificial removal of waste products from the body with a use of a filtration machine that is attached to the urinary system. Another form of kidney disease treatment would be a kidney transplant. This is basically the reassignment of a kidney from a donor to the patient’s renal system.

Having kidney disease is not easy and not every patient who undergo the treatment options come out successful in their battles. It is important to keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. Losing a main bodily organ may cost a life. It is best to keep the life borrowed healthy and strong. This is an imperative reminder to those who disregard a healthy lifestyle and think of it as passé or unimportant.