Kidney Infection Symptoms

Kidney Infection Symptoms

Kidney Infection Symptoms can be subtle and rarely are they dramatic. This makes kidney failure such a dangerous dilemma as many people are unfamiliar with the signs and messages  their bodies are trying to communicate to them.

Regular readers of this website already know that my son, Michael, at the age of 24 years-old, was diagnosed with renal failure a couple of years ago.

The astonishing thing about this, other than the fact that he was so young, was that he had no idea that he was about to go into a comma and was on the verge of death.

The signs leading to his kidney failure were beyond the mere signs of kidney infection symptoms. He was beyond that phase of deteriation. Many people find it astonishing that only a week before his kidneys shut down, he was sky diving with his girlfriend. Did he have signs of kidney failure? Many who are familiar with a kidney infection would admit that he had obvious signs, however most people do not associate itching with kidney failure. Can you tell the difference?

The itching, over his entire body, was constant and he reports that he had this annoying urge to scratch for about three weeks. He also had swelling in strange parts of his body: namely his joints, the knee being the worst. The swelling so so noticeable and profound that he thought he had sprained his knee. A trip to the local Urgent Care facility only made matters worse, as they diagnosed a sprain and administered and prescribed a strong anti-inflammatory drug that is known to take a toll on the kidneys.

The problem with kidney infection symptoms is that even some experienced doctors will not take notice that there could be a problem with the kidneys. Instead, like with Michael, they rely on experiences that point to other, more obvious symptoms, like swollen joints.

You may wonder why kidney  failure patients experience swelling and the answer is because the kidneys are unable to release the toxins through the normal process of making urine. In fact, many patients in renal failure are unable to make urine and the waste is absorbed in the body, making dialysis the likely choice for filtering.

This causes the itching many people with kidney infections may experience. Watch for an unannounced rash that may appear in strange places, something that may resemble a sudden case of acne.

The doctor of your choice may or may not be astute enough to diagnose your signs of kidney infection properly. This is not a reflection on doctors, but more an issue with the mounting increase in kidney failure in the United States. Many doctors have never seen a patient with renal disease, but you should advocate for yourself in the event that you experience any of these symptoms. Ask your physician to check your kidney function and only then will you be sure that the diagnosis will address any kidney infection symptoms.