Kidney Failure Changes Life

Kidney Failure Changes Life

Kidney Failure Changes LifeIf you find yourself suddenly in Kidney Failure, you will soon discover that kidney failure changes life dramatically. Your energy level will drop and your emotional well-being may be subject to very large swings between low and very low. Your appetite will fade as your diet is adjusted and you will discover that your body just doesn’t respond like it once did.

When the kidneys quit functioning, the body has no way to remove the waste and buildup that was once removed by urine. The doctors will no doubt want you to limit your intake of fluids and other ingredients that contain sodium, phosphates and potassium, will have to be monitored very carefully.

This protocol is necessary to minimize the role and effects non-functioning kidneys now play in your health. Once able to create urine, monitor blood pressure and keep the heart beat in sync, kidneys that are not functioning mean the body will have to rely on artificial means to regulate very serious and important bodily functions.

I think, for our family anyway, the most crucial aspect of kidney failure was diet.  It may be that our son was quite young at the time, but watching a 24- year-old man unable to eat, incapable of even regular activities, was difficult to witness. A special Kidney diet was introduced, one without the normal minerals and vitamins most healthy people require.

There were no leafy greens due to the high potassium. Corn products were eliminated as were potatoes unless they were leeched overnight. Tomatoes were out the window, which included spaghetti dinners. No grains for us. White rice and pasta were the carb of choice.

Now that we have a successful kidney transplant we can look back on the difficulties we faced. What we see and remember is not so much the sacrifice, but the hope we shared. The conviction that a kidney transplant was inevitable and each family member worked toward that goal.

We knew that a restricted diet was temporary and we understood that weakness and inactivity were only a pause for us. We fought through despair and found our courage and now live life by giving back to the kidney community. We are trying to help kidney failure patients with the launch of this website so that they too can remain hopeful. It can be done, but you must stay strong and believe. Don’t let kidney failure change your life.