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Kidney Drugs

Kidney’s and Over the Counter Drugs

Kidney’s and Over the Counter Drugs

Over the Counter Drugs which patients with Kidney Disease Should Avoid

Kidney counter DrugsYour Kidney’s and Over the Counter Drugs are issues you should pay attention to.

These medications can be directly purchased by a consumer without having a prescription from a healthcare professional. If you have medical complications it is advisable to have a doctor’s advice before taking over the counter drugs. This is especially crucial if you are one of millions of patients who have renal failure and or kidney disease. Pain management medication or analgesics need to be taken with precautions in patients with decreased kidney functions. Let’s face it, the body is am amazing creation and along with the skin and the liver, the two kidneys are natural filters. You have to safeguard these organs.

Names of commonly used analgesics include aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, ketoprofen. These are taken to control pain, reduce fever and sometimes to help decrease inflammation. It has been shown that aspirin and acetaminophen have a link to kidney disease. Asprin or mixtures of paracetamol containing asprin should be avoided and especially doses higher than 300mg daily can worsen the function of damaged kidneys and patients with kidney function less than 50% should avoid , taking these very regularly in high doses and patients with 30% or less renal functions need to be very careful with over the counter drugs. It has been shown that heavy and long term use of these medications can lead to chronic kidney disease such as chronic interstitial nephritis . Also pain killers such as ibuprofen is not advised for patients following a kidney transplant as this can react badly with the anti –rejction medications. Medications taken for cough and cold with ephedrine has been noted to raise blood pressures. Most patients with kidney damage have hypertension and care needs to be taken on these cough medications.

Other types of medications taken for conditions such as gaviscon advance to relieve indigestion too is of concern as these products contain potassium, which is restricted in patients with renal disease. Other forms such as Aludrox or Maalox which contain aluminium or magnesium should be taken with care in patients who are on dialysis. Also oral rehydration given to patients suffering from diarrhoea must be administered with a lot of care and precautions as these formulations contain potassium and sodium and medical advice should be opted while taking it. Individuals with kidney damage doesn’t have a way to maintain the Potassium balance and the potassium level in the blood increases which can lead to cardiac failure and cause death. Also herbal medications have a tendency to increase blood pressure and should be used with care in kidney patients.

Therefore to conclude, patients with poor kidney function, undergoing dialysis or after a transplant need to take over the counter drugs with care and best taken with the advice of a doctor as there could be drug-drug interactions with the present concomitant therapies or it will aggravate the renal conditions. Also some medications can affect the absorption of other medications such as immunosuppressants used by transplant patients and those with immune disorders.