Kellen Donates a Kidney

Would I do it again? There is no question I’d do it again. To be able to prolong someones life is a feeling, well, you just never can really describe how great it feels. It didn’t cost me anything but a little bit of time. The recipients insurance paid for everything. It was a great experience for me.

A Donor’s Mom Tells All

Jan Martinez discusses the feelings she went through when her son told her he was going to donate one of his kidneys. Her fear, uncertainty and faith were at the forefront of her thoughts. In the end she believes both lives were saved as God brought two incredible young men together.

Loma Linda Honors Donors

Dr. Duane Randall from Loma Linda Medical Center honors Kellen Martinez after he removes one of Kellen’s kidney’s and hands it off for transplant into Michael Machado. This ceremony took place two days after the surgery and it was the first time since surgery that the donor and recipient had seen each other. This tearful event had a room full of people to share in a rare and magical moment.

Want To Be A Donor?

Kidney donors are special people and The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation salutes selfless acts in order to help others. Often donors reflect on deep convictions about how complete their lives become.

Symptoms of Kidney Infection

If you are experiencing symptoms of kidney infection, you would be wise to see your doctor before it escalates to something more serious like kidney failure. Learn how one couple fought back and how a spouse save her husband’s life by donating her kidney.