Learn with step instruction by step how easy it is to register your profile and how we work smart and hard to bring visitors to our site so that your story is available for others to watch. All you have to do is record your story with a smartphone and upload it to our web site. This video takes you through the simple set up and registration process. Make sure you have a profile picture available because we are going to want to see it.


Did you know that people learn differently when watching a video instead of reading a story? Thats right. Many people are visual learners and the brain sets aside a huge portion just for this experience. This is why it is important for you to tell your story using a smart phone.


Think about what you are going to say and what you want to include in your video and your written profile. It should be about 2 minutes long and answer the following: 1 Who are you? 2 How long have you had kidney disease? 3 How have you coped? 4 What keep you going? 5 How has this disease changed your life? 6 How would a transplant change you? Save the story to your desktop (or many cell phones allow you to upload directly to your You Tube account). You have to store your video on You Tube in order to link it to www.LiveKidneyDonation.org


Go to gmail.com on the internet and create a gmail account. Gmail is required because Google owns YouTube where you will store your video. If you have a gmail account, you can use it but it is recommended that you create a new one for our site because you will get a lot of inquiries. Complete all the information then record your username and password. Google requires a mobile phone number or previous email address to complete the “verification” process with a voice call or text.


Go to youtube.com on the internet. Log in with your gmail account and password that you created. Select “Upload” button in the upper right hand of the screen then locate your video on your computer. Add a description of your video using key words like “kidney transplant” or “live kidney donation”. Click on “Publish” and your upload is complete.


Once you upload your video to YouTube, all you have to do is get the code and copy and paste into your profile at livekidneydonation.org To locate the code click the SHARE button under the video and a display code will appear. Remember to paste only the end of the code…for instance for this video You Tube displays this code http://youtu.be/Z-WZ6AWpTgo In order to link the video to the website in your profile page you would only use the end of the code Z-WZ6AWpTgo. This part of the code is found after the forward slash or the equals sign. After you upload your video wait for an approval from the administrator and check back often to see how your video displays live. Congratulations!!